Spirit Whispers - Insightful Mediumship Readings
My name is Rachel Peters and I am a Psychic Medium.

I have been speaking to spirit since I was about 8 years old.
I believe in being able to give people comfort in reconnecting with those that have passed over and teaching people to know that we are never alone.

Through mediumship it is possible to give confirmation that our spirit lives on once we have left our physical body.
As a psychic I can provide knowledge about past, present and future events, also as a medium I can connect you with the spirit world and those that have passed over.

I am predominately clairaudient (which means I hear) I am also clairsentient (to feel) and clairvoyant (to see) which means that I will connect with the spirit via these fields of communication.

In my readings I will endeavour to give you clear & concise messages from your loved ones in order to give you comfort, closure and healing by being able to connect with those on the other side.

To contact me for an appointment please fill in your details on the contact me page or via my mobile on 0417 024 943
Thank you,
Love & Light
Rachel Peters

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