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I couldn't recommend Rachel enough for people to go get readings from.
Recently loosing a brother there where many unanswered questions that always play on your mind, and always question yourself if they are able to hear you talk to them and that they are around. Rachel cleared that up for me in a good way!
I told her nothing about my name or the reason why I was going. And one of the first things she said to me was " you are here for your brother, he has been waiting for you all day" basically already sold it for me.
How Rachel described how he talked ,everything about him and also little personal jokes between me and him is something you can't make up.
It put me at ease knowing he was okay, and I could not recommended Rachel enough.
Whether you want questions answered from your loved ones which have passed , or simple just want closure and to be able to talk to them, book in a appointment .
Forever grateful I got in touch with Rachel

Since the day I met Rach, not a day goes by where I don't think about the world she opened me up too. I came with little idea of what I wanted to hear, but from the within the first few moments of my reading I knew that this woman had an incredible gift. With not knowing anything about me she spoke of truths that were so incredibly important to me and things that I have never told anyone about. Before I met Rach I felt as though I was moving through this life as my own spirit, making my way with by myself and at my own intuitions. But she showed me that I wasn't alone, that my grandmother who passed when I was just a little girl was by my side all the time, she was my guardian angel. Rach taught me how to listen to her, she told me things that would guide my way and lead me into a more peaceful and pure way of living. From here Rachel was the spark that light my fire into viewing this world as more than what we are all taught is the boundary of our reality. It is truly an incredible teaching to be able to do what Rachel has done for me. I now live my life in the safety and respect that I'm not alone, that I can seek guidance and powers from a world above our five senses. On my second reading that was initiated by continuous dreams where Rach appear she asked me if I had been noticing birds recently. I replied with a curious yes, birds had been flocking to me, flying across my path, singing everywhere I went and my conscious mind had noticed them. She said that it was my grandmothers way of saying hello. At that point I broke into tears and realised how true and special this woman's intuition was. She has given me a life-changing perspective and now when birds pass I not only hear my grandmother but I also pay gratitude to all of the choices I made that lead me to Rach. She is an incredibly beautiful woman and I admire everything she gives to all her readings. Your warmth and light is incredibly beautiful, thank you Rach xx

The day I had a reading with Rachel was not planned at all. I was getting a coffee nearby and felt drawn to the place where Rachel works and even when I walked in the door, I didn't know why I was there. Someone offered a psychic reading with Rachel and I just felt that yes it seemed like the right thing to do.
Rachel had offered to record the reading on my IPhone. I told Rachel nothing of myself or why I was there. I accepted that whatever needed to come forward during my reading from spirit would. Rachel held both my hands to get a sense of me and my energy and we went from there. 
I was utterly speechless when she honed in with 100% accuracy on a past love that I had just reconnected with. She was able to describe the number of pages he wrote to me, where I opened the letter in my home, how I held the letter close to my face and heart and that he was 'remote viewing' the scene and how he was pleased with my reaction.  She told me, despite the distance between us, that we would be together and that I would move to be with him. 
Subsequent to the reading, our connection to each other has deepened and we are working towards sharing a life together. I cannot thank Rachel enough for the insight she provided and her ongoing support in helping my spiritual development.  Many of my friends have now had a reading with Rachel and are astounded at her level of accuracy.  I would urge anyone considering a reading to contact Rachel.
‘I first met Rachel Peters when I went for a reading in early June.
Rachel identified all the issues I had in my life that were concerning me at the time. Rachel not only gave me insight to the problems, she told me things that she thought had happened and I dismissed as being untrue. In actual fact, they did happen two weeks later as she described, so I was so taken back by her comments.
Rachel was very accurate in her prognosis about my husband’s shoulder pain and as a matter of fact, Rachel has been correct about everything. I came to her to better understand what was going on in my life and she put me at ease and gave me the reassurance I needed.
God bless Rachel for her amazing psychic gift and her beautiful personality.
I wish Rachel all the best.
In love & light.
Libby Lonigro.

I first met Rachel Peters at the Moonee Ponds Healer's market, there was something about this girl, I was drawn to her energy , she blew me away with my first reading when she mentioned something that had happened to me in the past, she was 100% accurate even the timing was right, it was my secret, no one knew , but Rachel somehow did. I have since been back for another reading, once again she did not disappointment me, correct about everything even the pain in my neck. If you want a reading contact Rachel, I highly recommend her, Rachel is a natural, she has an amazing gift, a beautiful energy, a bright aura and a personality that shines. Your amazing !
Clementina Cerra

Rachel the predictions you made and insights you shared have been nothing short of a miracle. It has only been a month and so many of the things we spoke about have already started to unfold - just as you said they would. If you are wanting an accurate, warm and friendly reading - I can't recommend Rachel highly enough!
Catherine B

I was referred to Rach by my mum and I could not have been happier with my reading.
After going through some personal issues I found my reading and Rach to be very eye-opening and motivational. If you let Rach do her thing then you won't be disappointed.
Matt Z 

I am eternally grateful for the honesty, true wisdom and compassion and detail that I was told by Rachel Peters. Rachel's insight into my life was incredibly accurate. From past to present, she gave me great validation. From the moment that I met her I felt a very strong connection. She had me in tears from the start of my reading till the end.
I am very grateful that I had the good fortune to meet such an amazing person, she truly has a gift. Thank you so much Rachel. You have truly helped me. Look forward to seeing you again.
Love Catherine xx
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